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Outcome Management

 2015-2016 FOURTH QUARTER OUTCOME MANAGEMENT RESULTS As a CARF accredited organization dedicated to the provision of quality services, Fellowship House Policy measures the efficacy of its programs quarterly.  The information is gathered and interpreted by the MIS (Management Information Systems) Manager who produces the Outcome Management report. The quarterly report is distributed to the Executive Staff, Department Managers, Program Area Supervisors, the Board of Directors, and most importantly, to the members. The fourth quarter report includes information gathered for the months of April, May and June 2016. Following are the aggregate effectiveness scores across all program areas.  The accompanying charts show individual scores.

Hospital Recidivism Rates

Hospital Recidivism Rates chart

Hospital Recidivism:  2.33%.  Combined psychiatric hospitalizations across all programs accounted for a little more than 2% of days in the quarter.

Percentage of Members Whose GAF Increased or Remained the Same.

Percentage GAF Change chart

Maintenance/Improvement in Functioning:  88%.  Of the Global Assessment of Functioning scores assessed during the quarter across all program areas, 88% either improved or were maintained.

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score chart

Consumer Satisfaction:  89%.  Across all program areas, over 85% of members reported high levels of satisfaction with services.

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